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fox boy sculpture

Nova Scotia Gardens, A91, Menstrie

Installed December 2008 | Artist Andy Scott

In the centre of Nova Scotia Gardens, sits one of the areas most intriguing sculptures. This was the first of six works by artist Andy Scott, and was designed in collaboration with the local community. This commission features a boy with a fox’s head sitting upon a water wheel.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 16.53.10

Photographer: Clacksnapper

The figure, dressed in trainers and hoodie top, reflects the local youth, and the fox’s head and tail reminds us of those local children who in years gone-by to have kept foxes as pets.

Under the right hand of the boy, is a maple leaf, a tribute to Menstrie’s connection to the colony of Nova Scotia, Canada, the buzzard, a reminder of those that are occasionally seen in the nearby woods.

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