Paragliding from the Ochils

The Ochil Paragliding Club has been established for over 20 years, and takes advantage of the configuration of the Ochil Hills above the village of Menstrie.

Myreton Hill at 387 m (1,270 ft.) is ideal for paragliders, as it is accessible and its scarp face is adequately steep for a successful launch.

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 ‘Air Spirit’

Muirside Roundabout, B9140 – Tullibody
Installed – February 2008 | Artist:  Andy Scott

Striding purposely towards the Ochil Hills, is ‘Air Spirit’, also known locally as the ‘Muirside Man’ or ‘Striding Man’ this sculpture is four meters high and designed as a partner piece to ‘River Spirit’, located on Collyland roundabout, Alva  This sculpture reflects the natural landscape of Clackmannanshire and the rich biodiversity within the area.

Tullibody Old Bridge

Tullibody Old Bridge dates from the early 16th century, providing access across the River Devon.   It was disused after 1915, but was restored for use by walkers and cyclists in 2003.

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menstrie castle

7 Castle Rd, Menstrie FK11 7AF

Built in c1560

Menstrie Castle was built c1560 as a manor house by the Alexander family. It was the birthplace of Sir William Alexander, who had an illustrious career during the reign of James VI and I, becoming Principle Secretary of State for Scotland in 1626.

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In 1621 he began to establish a new colony called Nova Scotia, but the scheme failed and Sir William lost money. Nonetheless, he improved Menstrie Castle and his town house in Stirling in 1633, when he was invested 1st Earl of Stirling and Viscount Canada. Neglected for a number of years, Menstrie Castle was saved during the late 1950’s and converted into apartments, but two ground floor rooms were restored as a display area, with dedicated exhibitions about Nova Scotia. These are now managed by the National Trust for Scotland. Visits outside scheduled dates / times can be organised with prior arrangement.

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Iron Bridge, Cambus

The Cambus Bridge was constructed in the early 19th century to span the River Devon and link to the Cambus Grain Whisky Distillery founded in 1806 by John Moubrey.  The bridge is 68 feet in length, and was originally used by horse drawn wagons and pedestrians.

‘Pontils ‘ by sculptor Michael Visocchi

A907 Dumyat Roundabout, Tullibody
Installed: 2007 | Artist: Michael Visocchi RSA

This public art installation celebrates Clackmannanshire’s glass making heritage, and replicate i